the safe line

2 wire system

easyno extra

Easy installation, no extra travelling cable required, application of any existing cable.

availability at the same time!

small costseasysafetyno extra

Free choice of technology applied (-> low cost), redundancy (if one system will fail) Future safe. Not sensitive to the expected switch-off of analogue lines. No surprises.

NGN safe

communicationno extra

Future safe. Not sensitive to the expected switch-off of analogue lines. No surprises. Peace of mind.

Up to 6 stations: Integrated
functionality for Fire intercom

small costsno extraeasy

Additional feature for small cost. No extra devices required. Easy to install. Requirement for fire communication integrated, no separate device to be installed. Easy handling.


controlfulfill legal requirementssafety

You are in control, you know the status of the lift. You can schedule your visit, you can stop troubles before they occur. You fulfill legal requirements. You do everything you can to increase the safety level of the lift.

High noice resistance -
no need for screened cable


Not sensitive to disturbances by high voltage, easy to install, no shielded cable required.

Battery supervision included

fulfill legal requirementscontroleasy

Fulfills requirements, early warnings, no unexpected call-outs at night hours.

Emergency light,
powered by the internal monitored SL6 battery

fulfill legal requirementssmall costs

Emergency light is a requirement in EN81-28. It can be fulfilled with very little effort and cost. Extra features customers are prepared to pay for.

USB interface for programming


Easy programming, copy and paste, save status on your laptop, easy changes with units installed from remote.

Will send messages if network is
not available. Inforamtion stored in
a log file


By applying redundant networks you are sure to have a permanent communication in place. Much better than in the past. And you provide for action in case of failiure. You avoid law sues. This is documented to allow a failure analysis.

EN81-28:emergency phones,

fulfill legal requirementseasysafety

No more questions asked about the legal status. Approved by TÜV means it works and it is allowed. You do everything to fulfill the legal requirements. You are safe.